Thursday, April 06, 2006

We have managed to clean out the front of the house and the area by the front door.One of the bushes we pulled out actually had fire ants feeding on it. We used every bit of bug spray we could find. I think we got almost all of them.We want to put a Japanese Maple in the front of the dining room and can't decide if we want a weeping cherry or another rhododendren on the corner (opposite the other corner) to make it even.We also need to decide where to put the Russian Cypress and the extra azalea.We split up the hedge and put the two smaller ones on the corners of the deck.(insert picture of deck here eventually)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

We bought Pete a new chair. Along with his new Lay-Z-Boy chair we got two tables. The sofa table to put our plants on and the coffee table to match.It was only $69 and matches the sofa table. Besides, we needed to get rid of the wooden table we had. The dog had chewed on one side. Since these ones are glass and metal, the dog can't (or won't) chew on them and with the plants on the one, it won't ruin any wood.