Monday, December 19, 2005

Micayla's hat is finished. I was able to use some maroon I had left from another project and of course you always have black laying around.

I was originally going to make this in solid maroon, but it was actually Micayla's idea to add the band of black and one more row of maroon. I think it turned out quite nicely. And it matches her gloves perfectly. I have other hats that I finished in this same pattern. Two all black ones and another in autumn colors with some blue. As of right now, I do NOT want to make any more hats. Burned Out!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

I have been really bad at posting. Thank you to Robyn for downloading my pictures so I could put them here. This is a picture of the hat for Heather. I made her a total of three hats two like this one and the third was autumn colors. Same style. Next up, Micayla.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I finished Sam's hat last night. I tried it on my head and it seems really huge. I gave it to her today. I had her try it on because I thought it would be too big. She liked the fact that it wasn't as tight as the others, but I did have to take off one row. After that she said it was perfect. Yay!

Also, I started on Heather's third hat. I have yet to show Micayla the yarn. I will do that tomorrow. I keep forgetting to take it to work with me. She didn't mind too much, she forgot her scarf. Evelyn also gave me an idea of what she wants. She wants an autumn style one like mine, it won't be exact though. I don't have the exact same yarn. Can't find it. I do know of something similar. She said that was fine. The other one she wants in black. Same DC/Fan pattern. Lindsay hasn't gotten any more specific. I'll have to chat with her.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Started Sam's hat. I still have to check with Micayla to see exactly what red she wants me to use. She said she wanted bright red, but the bright red I have is too bright I think. Anyway, I went to Wal-Mart and saw the perfect yarn for Sam's hat. She wanted blues and I found RH blue varigated. She also wants hers a little bigger so I will have to adjust the pattern by one stitch.

Friday, December 09, 2005

I started Julieann's other hat on 12.5.05. She wanted a black one just like the white ribbed hat I made for her before. I finished it last night and gave it to her today. Only five to go.....
And December 7th was my birthday! Pearl Harbor Day and My Birthday! And people are getting on my nerves. On MY BIRTHDAY! Oh well, it's bound to happen anytime. Either you like someone or you don't. Make up your mind. We are not in high school anymore. The caddiness is ridiculous. I am done with this silliness. As Marty put it quite nicely one day: "Miss Congeniality".

Monday, December 05, 2005

I gave Heather her other hat today. She was really excited. She said her younger daughter (who it is for) will absolutely love it. Good. She is supposed to! Then she asked me if I could make another. Sure, not a problem. I did tell her she was in line. I have about 4-5 to make before I get to this one for her.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

I made Heather's other hat and finished it today. It is done with the same pattern from the other one. This time I used RH Piniata. It is a bright/soft variagated rainbow. Really pretty. I plan to give it to her Monday.

Friday, December 02, 2005

I finished the first hat for Heather. It is done in the Autumn colors she asked for. Exactly like my hat. She said that one is for her older daughter.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I finished Brittney's blanket last night and got it washed and dried tonight. I also started on one of the hats for Heather. I gave it to her today-it is so much softer once it was washed. Plus with the dog, I was sure there would be more hair. I also have another request for another item. Yvonne said she wanted a scarf.
Previously, On Thanksgiving, we had Pete's mom over and Hope & Bryan. Sheila and Hope decided to buy us a new set of 120 piece silverware. Apparently we never have any silverware when they come over. It is an early Christmas present and they gave it to us before Thanksgiving so that we could use it on Thanksgiving day. Pete made a really good dinner. Mom and Dad came over just as we were finishing up dinner. They went to Sue's so really weren't hungry. They ended up taking Ashley and Stephen with them for 2 days. Katrina and Marty got here on Friday. We went over to Mom and Dad's on Saturday for dinner. Deanna and I put together a slideshow and photo album for Mom and Dad's anniversary. Pete had wanted to leave at around 7:30 so he could get home in time to watch the Notre Dame game, but we were having problems with the computer. Ashley ended up staying another day and went shopping with Mom and Katrina and Pete and I took Stephen with Austin and Anthony for the night. Mom brought Ashley home around 8pm Sunday night. She got a new pair of winter boots, pants, a ring and dinner at Red Lobster. They were all very tired and went to sleep as soon as they got in bed.

Friday, November 11, 2005

I brought in the yarn for Tammy to compare to her coat. She didn't wear it today though. Laila paid me for the hats today. I brought the RH yarn for Heather to see. Bikini is the name. Very bright and rainbow like. She likes it. So we have figured out what colors for her daughters.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

I finished Laila's hat for her daughter. I went upstairs and got the yarn that I needed to show Tammy and Heather. I am going to start on one for Heather probably tomorrow. I didn't work on Brittney's blanket at all, I should have. I also have a long list of things to make. I found out about a couple other people who are expecting. Also, Tammy has placed an "order" for a hat. She wants hers to be Black with Maroon stripes

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I gave Rebekah her blanket today. I have been holding it in my drawer at work, waiting until I had Brittney's finished, but I really couldn't wait to give it to her. She was really suprised and happy. She has it sitting on her desk so everyone can see it when they walk by. She said Brittney saw it and asked about it. She ended up telling her that I am making her one. It was supposed to be a suprise.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I am working on Laila's hat. I am at the point where I am changing colors. I worked on it a little bit at work today, but when I got home this evening, I realized that I didn't bring the pattern home with me. I decided I would start on Brittney's blanket since I did buy the yarn over the weekend. I am using LB Homespun. The colors are Quartz and Deco. It will be in a chevron pattern. I figured I would alternate so you can see the chevron.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I finished Julieann's hat today. It is in all white. She won't be back from Chicago until Tuesday, so I'll give it to her then. As soon as I finished hers, I started working on Laila's hat. She wants all white too, except she wants dark purple as the stripes.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween! I brought with me to work 2 other hats that I have made, the autumn colors and the lavender/green/white one. Heather asked that I make one in autumn colors. So now I have one more to figure out for her. I had planned on working on Julieann's today at lunch, but that didn't work out. I will work on it a little bit tonight.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I washed and dried Rebekah's blanket today. I went ahead and started Julieann's hat. She asked for it to be all white. I have a good chunk of it done already. I also have to get started on Laila's hat. She still owes me for the other hat I made. I will probably start on Brittney's blanket first.

Also, since I currently have 4 different orders, I put together a box to keep track of the orders. I divided it into two sections: current projects due and paid. Hopefully I can keep track of the requests.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I finished the hat. I was also able to finish Rebekah's blanket this weekend. Now to start on Brittney's blanket. I've gotten 4 hat orders. I took the hat that I made (white with lavender stripes) into work on Friday and Laila, Julieann and Heather all asked that I make hats for them. Heather wants 2, but she wants a different style than the ribbed on I've made.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

I worked on the hat a little more today. I sat in the kids' karate class and worked on it. I added one stripe of lavender, then white, then lavender, then white again. I think I will add one more stripe of lavender and finish it with white.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So when I got home today, Pete's mom was making dinner. He was in the process of playing video games and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I though for sure that he would be yelling when I got home. The dog tore up one of the couch pillows. Luckily we are able to turn it over. I will try to fix it eventually. I was able to fix the couch before. I just used some hemp and a curved needle. He also keeps chewing on one of the pilliows. That is fixable too. But the thing that really mad Pete mad (and his mom) was the fact that he chewed on Grandma Kelly's coffee table. After the dinner we decided to go to the store and exchange the coat we got for Ashley. She is too tall for the one out of the catalog so we needed to return that one and choose another. We got back home and Ashley liked her coat. Pete played video games a little more and then we watched the news. After that he went upstairs to bed. I stayed up for about another half an hour and worked on the crocheted hat I am making.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I am still working on my hat. I was going to make it all white. I even worked the section that would normally have the stripe in white. Now I am looking at it and have decided that I want to add a little color. I am going to go with a lavender color. Not anything too contrasting to the white. We just got the kids coats we ordered from JC Penney's. Her's is a lavender purple and would probably go nice with the hat.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

I started another hat. I have been wanting to make this one for awhile. It is a ribbed style hat and since I first found that pattern, I could not figure it out. I have since become more than a beginner so I now understand the directions a little better. (Duh!) I am doing this one in white. I'm sure it will be dirty soon, but it is also thicker than a couple others I have so I am sure it will get more use.
I have birthdays to catch up on: Pete and Stephen. I wrote stuff down but didn't enter it.
October 13, 2005, Stephen's Birthday, Thursday. We had Hope & Bryan and Sheila over for a birthday dinner. He wanted to open both presents that we got him today. We are having a party for him on Sunday (Mom & Dad's anniversary).
October 16, 2005, Today is Stephen's birthday party. We invited Mom & Dad, Deanna with the kids, Pat, Dan & Kyle, Paul & Shelley and the boys, Hope & Bryan, Sheila and Grandma and the kids and Stephen invited Josh, Zach, Joey. Kathy dropped Joey off and she and Jim picked him up later. Josh couldn't come but he dropped off a gift for Stephen. He was grounded for missing the bus. His gift was a bookbag with army men and a Darth Vader voice changing mask. I think that it is his stuff.
Friday, October 21, 2005, Pete's Birthday. He has been on vacation all week. Lucky dog. We did not go to the gym today because his mom made him a birthday dinner. Ham and vegetables and stuff. He got his Browns jersey and dumbell set. Hope and Bryan got him a giftcard for Home Depot. I took him out later and got him a couple pairs of jeans and some slippers. He really needed new tennis shoes, but the other stores were closed.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

I am very bad. I haven't picked up Rebekah's blanket in about 2 weeks. I decided I needed to make and complete something small, so I made a hat. I suppose now that I am thinking about it I could have had Rebekah's blanket finished by now if I had just kept working on it, but it's too late now. Anyway, the hat is a skully type. I didn't make it as open as the other ones I've done. This way my ears will really be covered.
On another note, Tara and Scotts Halloween Party was October 22, 2005. Bryan came and got the kids today. He was in our area doing some campaigning so it worked out well. We were not sure if we were going to go to the Halloween party because we didn't have anyone to watch the kids.We had asked his mom, but she had already planned on going to a Red Hat Society meeting. So while we were at his mom's Friday night, we asked Hope & Bryan.We ended up not doing much during the day. We watched Notre Dame beat BYU, 49-23. We didn't get to watch the Texas vs. Texas Tech game. It was blacked out. They did win though, 52-17.We left for the party at 7 pm. We got there at about 7:30. Not too many people were there yet. Jaime and Michelle showed up this time. Sharon and her family were there too. We stayed long enough for the contest and left shortly after. Sat around and talked and Pete sat in the livingroom and watched Halloween. We didn't dress up this year, but I think if we had, we might have had more fun.

Monday, October 10, 2005

I have about half Rebekah's blanket done. I decided that even though I could have it finished in about two days, I ripped it out. The stripes are too wide. So, I took it apart and am making the stripes smaller. It will be more delicate looking.

Monday, October 03, 2005

I started Rebekah's blanket. It is going to be pink and white stripes. I will add a shell edging on two ends. I decided to use Red Heart Baby Clouds. This stuff is sooo soft! I don't plan to make it much bigger than the blanket I made for Laila. Rebekah is such a girl that it will be perfect for her and her little girl.

Monday, September 26, 2005

I can't really call this my first finished project. I have finished many projects, but it is the first project finished since I started this blog. I finished a baby blanket for Laila for her newphew. She didn't get to see it until a week later, the following Monday, because of training. She took it home on Friday of that week and texted me later that night to let me know her sister-in-law really liked it. Monday she asked if I could make a hat and booties. I was able to make a hat. It might be too big for a newborn, but I did my best. I have no abilities in making booties or the desire to. I am sure they would be deformed.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Here is another picture of the Tweed stripes.
This blanket was made for a friend of mine. She was expecting a boy (obviously)! I made it with Bernat Baby Coordinates. I absolutely LOVE this yarn! It is soooo soft to work with. And after you wash it, it is even softer. I originally bought the blue, green and white for this blanket, then I ended up buying one each of pink, orange, yellow and purple. I didn't care that I didn't have a pattern.

I ended up making another blanket, about double the size of the one above. I used all the colors to make a rainbow effect. I gave it to the daughter of one of my co-workers. She said her daughter won't sleep without it now.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

This coaster was for Tara. She wanted maroon. Had some extra.
This one was for Sharon. She wanted something in blue. Since I have plenty of Sugar 'n' Cream, I was able to whip it up quickly. I was planning on making a matching one, but never got around to it.
This one I did for a girl I worked with who just recently turned 21. She loves bright colors.
I managed to finally get some photos to show a couple small projects I did. I was on a coaster kick for awhile and made a few for some friends. I had done each of them in different colors depending on who wanted what colors. I also felt that these colors reflected the people I made them for. Like this one I made for a girl I worked with. She is very girly and also has four girls! I also tried to do an edging different for each coaster. I still have many patterns I want to try. I would much rather make my coasters than buy them.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

So, this is not my first blog. I had a couple of others that I decided to combine. Most of these first posts will be backdated. Only because I brought what I have done over to this blog. Here goes.....

I have been crocheting since my daughter was about 5 (OMG she will be 13 soon!!!!). Right about the time I decided I didn't want to lead the Girl Scout troop she was in at the time. I had bought some yarn for a project we were doing and had a lot left over. I saved it for awhile, then decided that I wanted to learn to do something with it. Since then I have made I don't know how many hats, afghans and baby blankets. I am still having fun and find it is really cool to learn new stitches and techniques when I start a new pattern/design. As I continue this journal, I hope to add my finished projects. And hopefully everyone can enjoy them!