Sunday, October 23, 2005

I started another hat. I have been wanting to make this one for awhile. It is a ribbed style hat and since I first found that pattern, I could not figure it out. I have since become more than a beginner so I now understand the directions a little better. (Duh!) I am doing this one in white. I'm sure it will be dirty soon, but it is also thicker than a couple others I have so I am sure it will get more use.
I have birthdays to catch up on: Pete and Stephen. I wrote stuff down but didn't enter it.
October 13, 2005, Stephen's Birthday, Thursday. We had Hope & Bryan and Sheila over for a birthday dinner. He wanted to open both presents that we got him today. We are having a party for him on Sunday (Mom & Dad's anniversary).
October 16, 2005, Today is Stephen's birthday party. We invited Mom & Dad, Deanna with the kids, Pat, Dan & Kyle, Paul & Shelley and the boys, Hope & Bryan, Sheila and Grandma and the kids and Stephen invited Josh, Zach, Joey. Kathy dropped Joey off and she and Jim picked him up later. Josh couldn't come but he dropped off a gift for Stephen. He was grounded for missing the bus. His gift was a bookbag with army men and a Darth Vader voice changing mask. I think that it is his stuff.
Friday, October 21, 2005, Pete's Birthday. He has been on vacation all week. Lucky dog. We did not go to the gym today because his mom made him a birthday dinner. Ham and vegetables and stuff. He got his Browns jersey and dumbell set. Hope and Bryan got him a giftcard for Home Depot. I took him out later and got him a couple pairs of jeans and some slippers. He really needed new tennis shoes, but the other stores were closed.

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