Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So when I got home today, Pete's mom was making dinner. He was in the process of playing video games and everyone seemed to be in a good mood. I though for sure that he would be yelling when I got home. The dog tore up one of the couch pillows. Luckily we are able to turn it over. I will try to fix it eventually. I was able to fix the couch before. I just used some hemp and a curved needle. He also keeps chewing on one of the pilliows. That is fixable too. But the thing that really mad Pete mad (and his mom) was the fact that he chewed on Grandma Kelly's coffee table. After the dinner we decided to go to the store and exchange the coat we got for Ashley. She is too tall for the one out of the catalog so we needed to return that one and choose another. We got back home and Ashley liked her coat. Pete played video games a little more and then we watched the news. After that he went upstairs to bed. I stayed up for about another half an hour and worked on the crocheted hat I am making.

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