Wednesday, August 30, 2006

At the Fair #3

Last but not least, a couple of pictures of the kids, playing on the tractors...

At the Fair #2

My husband asked me to take this photo! He was impressed with the size of him! Me too!

We also stopped by the Bee Barn and purchased some honey sticks in different flavors. They were very good!

We went through the barns with the entries and I saw lots of knit and crochet items!

At the Fair

We went to the Lorain County Fair on Friday (8.25.06)

Took a few pictures:

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Almost Finished

I am almost finished with my bag. I have the first handle done and then......I ran out of blue I have put it aside to work on the baby blanket that I should have had done first.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Still Working

I am still working on my plastic bag. I am at the white stripe section now.

Also still working on the baby blanket. Remember when I said I was swearing off baby blankets for awhile? Well, guess what? I have two more to make after this current one. Another girlfriend at work and my sister-in-law.

I am NEVER going to get to the curtains now......... :O)

Sunday, August 06, 2006


I started the Round Plastic Bag Tote, found here: It doesn't seem as large as it looks in the picture. Not to say I can't use it! Here is a picture of my progress...


Here is my progress on the second baby blanket I am making for one of my girlfriends. I am using the "Tweed Stripes" pattern from Leisure Art's "Blue Ribbon Afghans". It is the same pattern as the other blanket I made for this friend, only this time I changed the colors to green and yellow instead of blue and green. She is expecting another boy, but I thought using different colors would be more personal.
Here's the coasters I made about a month ago. I had made a yellow one similar to the blue, but gave it to my best friend. She said, "you haven't made me anything yet and how long have you been crocheting?" So I gave her the yellow one to match her kitchen.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I thought I would type a little bit to help remind myself of my ongoing projects.

1. I am still working on Jaime's blanket.
2. I am still working on my rug.
3. I am still rolling my "ball" of bags for my beach tote.

I haven't started the curtains yet. I need to get Jaime's blanket done first. I have a feeling that it will consume a lot of time. (hopefully not)

10 Reasons to Buy Lots of Yarn

Posted to 2 Crochet Groups.....I thought this was funny!

1. It insulates the cupboard where it is kept.
2. It keeps the economy moving. It is my patriotic duty to support wool farmers, textile mills, and yarn shops.
3. It is less expensive and more fun than psychiatric care.
4. I'm participating in a contest - the one who dies with the most yarn wins!
5. It keeps without refrigeration, you don't have to cook it to enjoy it, you never have to feed it, change it, wipe its nose or walk it.
6. Because I'm worth it.
7. Like dust, it's good for protecting previously unprotected spaces in the house, like the ironing board, the laundry basket, the dining room table
8. It's not immoral, illegal or fattening. It calms the nerves, ratifies the soul, and makes me feel good.
9. Because it is on sale. Because that is such a beautiful colour... I've never seen it before... I must have it.
10. Buy it now, before your husband retires and goes with you on all your shopping expeditions.
From: noreensknitche.weblogs