Thursday, December 01, 2005

I finished Brittney's blanket last night and got it washed and dried tonight. I also started on one of the hats for Heather. I gave it to her today-it is so much softer once it was washed. Plus with the dog, I was sure there would be more hair. I also have another request for another item. Yvonne said she wanted a scarf.
Previously, On Thanksgiving, we had Pete's mom over and Hope & Bryan. Sheila and Hope decided to buy us a new set of 120 piece silverware. Apparently we never have any silverware when they come over. It is an early Christmas present and they gave it to us before Thanksgiving so that we could use it on Thanksgiving day. Pete made a really good dinner. Mom and Dad came over just as we were finishing up dinner. They went to Sue's so really weren't hungry. They ended up taking Ashley and Stephen with them for 2 days. Katrina and Marty got here on Friday. We went over to Mom and Dad's on Saturday for dinner. Deanna and I put together a slideshow and photo album for Mom and Dad's anniversary. Pete had wanted to leave at around 7:30 so he could get home in time to watch the Notre Dame game, but we were having problems with the computer. Ashley ended up staying another day and went shopping with Mom and Katrina and Pete and I took Stephen with Austin and Anthony for the night. Mom brought Ashley home around 8pm Sunday night. She got a new pair of winter boots, pants, a ring and dinner at Red Lobster. They were all very tired and went to sleep as soon as they got in bed.

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