Thursday, December 15, 2005

I finished Sam's hat last night. I tried it on my head and it seems really huge. I gave it to her today. I had her try it on because I thought it would be too big. She liked the fact that it wasn't as tight as the others, but I did have to take off one row. After that she said it was perfect. Yay!

Also, I started on Heather's third hat. I have yet to show Micayla the yarn. I will do that tomorrow. I keep forgetting to take it to work with me. She didn't mind too much, she forgot her scarf. Evelyn also gave me an idea of what she wants. She wants an autumn style one like mine, it won't be exact though. I don't have the exact same yarn. Can't find it. I do know of something similar. She said that was fine. The other one she wants in black. Same DC/Fan pattern. Lindsay hasn't gotten any more specific. I'll have to chat with her.

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