Saturday, January 01, 2005

So, this is not my first blog. I had a couple of others that I decided to combine. Most of these first posts will be backdated. Only because I brought what I have done over to this blog. Here goes.....

I have been crocheting since my daughter was about 5 (OMG she will be 13 soon!!!!). Right about the time I decided I didn't want to lead the Girl Scout troop she was in at the time. I had bought some yarn for a project we were doing and had a lot left over. I saved it for awhile, then decided that I wanted to learn to do something with it. Since then I have made I don't know how many hats, afghans and baby blankets. I am still having fun and find it is really cool to learn new stitches and techniques when I start a new pattern/design. As I continue this journal, I hope to add my finished projects. And hopefully everyone can enjoy them!

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