Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crochet Kitty Cozy

So, do you remember two posts ago where I said I was starting a recycled bag pattern? It is still on hold.

And do you remember how I said I wanted to finish the Voodoo Rug that is in progress? It is on hold too.

One reason is that I wrote up and posted the Soap Pocket pattern. But that is done. So what is the other excuse?

Well, I like to do small projects. Things that don't take forever to complete. I need instant gratification. And cutting up all those bags and rolling them up just doesn't sound appealing right now.

So, even though this next project is not really "small" ~more like "medium"~ I want to do it.

This is the pattern: Crochet Kitty Cozy.

I have a bed for my kitty now. But she doesn't sleep in it. But she always wants to curl up in my crocheting stuff. So I figured, if I make her something she will probably lay in it. She always likes to climb into EVERYTHING. I will probably make the sides a little higher since she likes that.

Here are a couple of pictures of my pretty prissy princess.

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