Tuesday, April 07, 2009

New Yarn

I have been checking out French Creek Fiber Arts for some time now. I went online to get the address, phone number and directions. I saw and joined the Ravelry group for the store. But I had yet to GET there.

I decided today with my husbands help: "well you aren't DOING anything during the day, so you should go then".

And I was promising myself all the way there I was just going to LOOK and FEEL things.

Once I got through all the construction, seeing the sign for the store and having to travel down the road and turn around and go through the construction traffic again, I decided that I was probably going to purchase something.

And I did.I got two skeins of 2nd Time Cotton in the colorway Valencia:

The tag says: "2nd Time Cotton is created from new textile waste originating in the apparel and textile industry. Our 8-ply yarn is spun from this recycled cotton contributing to the conservation and global re-utilization of products."

I really like the spring/summer color and that it is recycled from other products and that it is made in the USA.

I met the official greeter: Bordi (sp?) A very friendly black kitty. (I think he was jealous that I was petting the yarns and not him!)

And before I left she also wound both skeins into balls for me. Very Cool! I will definitely be visiting again!

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