Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Recycled Bag©

Thank you to everyone who has saved and brought me their plastic bags. I have sooo many, I will be able to make a couple different colored ones.

I have now completed my own pattern for the recycled grocery bag. Or what I should say is that I have completed the bag. The pattern is not written out very well yet. I did my best. I wanted something with a tight weave, that would lay flat in the car when not in use and be continuously crocheted. Here is a diagram of how I made the bag:

My Recycled Bag

I used an M Hook for this project.

I used "plarn". It can be any color (tutorial to make "plarn" is here: Marlo's Crochet Corner).

For my bag, I made 45 sc across. The entire piece was done in single crochet to get a tight weave.

Once the height of the bag is reached, sc 30, ch 1, turn. Repeat until bottom of bag is desired size.

Then ch (I think) 13 st, ch 1 more, turn. Sc rows until this side is the same as the first.

To put the bag together, you will only have two sides (and sides on the bottom) to hook together.

Add your desired handles.

Go shopping and enjoy.

Note: I have only made one bag with this pattern and didn't write it all down like I should have. So, my directions might be a little murky. If you make this and have any problems, please contact me. I plan to make another one to test it out and clarify the directions, but until that time, it is as clear as it is going to get right now!! I guess you could still call it a work in progress.

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