Saturday, October 21, 2006

Next on the list...

I am working on Joni's blanket and my curtains. Similar patterns, different yarns. I decided not to do the pattern I found (see post fro 7.13.06). I found a fan pattern that I like...
<---- these will be curtains for the livingroom. This is the start of the first panel. I think total there will be four if I make them all the same size. Three if I make the other two larger than 41" wide.
Joni's expected to have a boy. Since I had already started, I decided to keep going. Yes, there is pink, orange and purple; but also green blue and yellow. Although you can't see the detail as well on this second picture, both are very similar. Fan and shell.
Oh, I am also working on a ribbed hat in country blues and brown varigated and the rug...oh yes the rug is still on the list.
I think I may be adding a toilet tissue cover to the list soon. Something to decorate our downstairs bathroom a little bit.

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