Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Joni's Baby Blanket

I had not been working on Joni's blanket like I should. I actually found another project to start on (like I need one). I saw these really cool beaded coasters at Wal-Mart and decided, "I can make those! Why would I want to buy them?" So, I found the beads that I wanted, the wire I needed and wrote out instructions for myself. I started to string the beads, then stopped. Why? I don't know! But in the mean time, I finished another hat for myself (picture coming soon) and then picked up Joni's blanket again.
Mostly because I talked to her yesterday and she mentioned her due date, March 21. Now I have a deadline. And the pattern is not that difficult, and it will not be a huge blanket. I should be finished before that date. Should be.

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