Sunday, February 22, 2009

Projects to do next....

I am starting a recycled bag pattern. That is kind of on hold for now. I want to finish the Voodoo Rug I have in progress...try to get that yarn out of my stash and the rug on the floor.
After that, I want to create a soap holder for the shower. Then it will be back to the recycled bag pattern. I am sure it won't really go that way, but one can hope.

On a lighter note, below is a copy of the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine, March 2007. I know it is not current. Who cares? As you can see, Fall Out Boy is on the front. All I have to say is Pete Wentz is HOT.
What? Am I wrong?

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Sara said...

I don't know why that deleted comment thing is there. And I definitley wasn't here at 5:27 AM.

Anyway, you could do worse than Pete Wentz. Although, he seems like a little boy to me... and I'm slightly younger than you so I find it funny that this doesn't bother you.