Thursday, June 22, 2006

Had a birthday party for Robyn. She got cute little invitations that were shaped like chef aprons. It rained almost all day until about a half hour before I got home. Robyn and Alison & James followed me to the house in their cars after we waited for Alison and James to come back to the building. Robyn made a really nice map. Amanda and David brough Desiree about an hour later and they got to the house just as we were starting to serve ourselves. Alison & James brought some margarita mix and their smoothie maker (that they used for the first time) and I got out the margarita glasses John Z (Pete's boss) got us for Christmas (that I used for the first time). Amanda and David brought a German chocolate cake. It was really good. Evelyn didn't make it although she was supposed to be down the road at Tomas' dad's shop by Luchita's. We all had fun. If I get pictures, I'll post them.

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