Friday, June 23, 2006

Granny Square Blanket

Here at last is the quick "granny square" I made for Brandi. I debated so long over using the other pattern, that by the time I started, I was way behind. I was not going to finish in 3 weeks. I don't have the time. So I chose to do something simple that would go quickly. She was having a boy (obviously by the colors in the blanket) and it didn't need to be frilly. So here it is:

They are separate pictures. I tried to get a slightly different angle. The other thing I noticed is that it wasn't "square". The edges had a slight curve. I'm sure it has something to do with my tension, but it was the same throughout so it came out okay.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, I asked Robyn to come over and help me with my hair. I chose red and black. I did the back underneath in the black and the rest red. I ended up having some black left over and Ashley has been begging me to color her hair black. I have been against it. NOT HER WHOLE HEAD!!!So we did her tips black. It turned out pretty good. It looks kind of neat. Mine too when I have my hair in a ponytail. Now I just wish it would grow. Grow Dammit!

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