Sunday, June 04, 2006

Here is some other information that was passed between one of our crochet groups. If you should come accross any vintage patterns, it will be very helpful.
From Talking Crochet! with Carol Alexander:

I looked through some early twentieth century needlework and crochet publications and found designations for some of the most commonly used stitches. Here they are, followed by today's designations:

Double crochet = today's single crochet
Half treble = today's half-double crochet
Treble = today's double crochet
Double treble = today's treble crochet
Long treble = today's double-treble crochet

It might take a bit of time and effort to "translate" vintage patterns into today's crochet language, but so many of these beautiful designs are priceless and well worth the effort.

General Conversions for Yarns Given Generically:

Super fine (sock, fingering, baby) weight: 1 ounce = 170-175 yards
Fine (sport) weight: 1 ounce = 90-100 yards
Medium (worsted) weight: 1 ounce = 50 yards
Bulky (chunky) weight: 1 ounce = 30-35 yards
Super bulky (super chunky) weight: 1 ounce = 16-23 yards

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